• Saves Time

    No one has time to waste, but if you have power quality problems, you’ll waste plenty of time trying to figure out what is going wrong. Let us figure it out for you so you can use your time building a more profitable business.

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  • Saves Money

    Why spend money on repairs or replacements before they should be necessary? And who wants to pay employees to wait for their equipment to be repaired? Fix your power quality and a lot of this goes away!

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  • Saves Reputation

    Power quality issues can cause delays in your production schedule and impact quality. Save your reputation with power quality solutions from True Power Electric.

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  • Some Facts

    • A 10% drop in power factor can reduce motor life by up to 40%
    • Power factor penalties can often pay for power quality correction
    • Low power quality increases heat in electrical components
    • Excess heat destroys electrical components
    • Harmonic distortions can confuse automated controllers
    • Heat and confusion lead to nuisance maintenance issues
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