Power Conditioning

Guaranteed results!

TrueVars™ power conditioning modules.

Our TrueVars™ power conditioning modules are engineered to address power quality problems such as:

  • Distorted and displaced power factor
  • Phase to phase voltage imbalances
  • Harmonics mitigation (voltage and amperage)
  • Power density restoration
  • Establishment of reference points

TrueVars™ modules come in several sizes and can be piggy-backed to accommodate growth in your facility.

Diagnosing the problem is only half the battle. At True Power Electric, we provide efficient and effective solutions to power quality problems that will make your day!


Our TrueVars™ modules are guaranteed to perform as represented for two years. During that time, we will periodically monitor and inspect the module to assure that all components are in good shape, and we will replace any ailing components. At the end of the initial two years, you will have the option to purchase an annual service contract at a very reasonable price – renewable every year for as long as you like – during which we will continue to assure that the system is operating like new.