Power Quality Metering / Audits

Want to know what is going on with your power?


True Power ElectrF-434-2_05a_c_328px_x_220pxic has more experience with metering and troubleshooting electrical power quality issues than anyone else in the Intermountain region.

For a reasonable fee, our technicians will place Fluke 435 power quality meters at strategic locations within your facility, leave them to collect data for at least a 24-hour period and provide an in-depth power quality analysis based on our findings. Click here to request a consultation.


Standard report includes:

  • Electric power bill analysis.

  • Power factor, voltage and load imbalances, harmonic distortion levels, crest factor, min/max ranges, sags & swells, and other anomalous events.

  • A physical site inspection and analysis.

  • Customized analysis to identify specific problems with equipment malfunctions or failures you might be experiencing.

  • Recommendations for improvements/corrections.

This is, without a doubt, the best and most economical way to discover what is going on with your power. We can give you the information you will need to fix problems, to run more efficiently, and to save money on your bills and on equipment maintenance.

Better yet, if you have a problem we can solve and you purchase a solution from us, we will credit the price of metering toward your purchase.

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Signs that your facility might have power quality issues:

  • Power factor penalties on your bills.

  • Excessively high “demand” charges on your bills.

  • Unusually high failure rate of motors, lighting ballasts, VFDs, computers, process controllers and other electronic equipment.

  • Erratic behavior of production equipment and process controllers.

  • Excessive heat in wiring, transformers, and motors.

  • Power factor correction devices that self-destruct in less than 2 years.

  • Unexplained tripping of breakers.

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