Monitoring Products for Your Electrical System

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Keep track of your power with TrueVars Monitors.


Five really good reasons to monitor your power on a continuing basis:

  1. Early detection of problems allows you to take corrective measures before damage is done to sensitive and expensive equipment.
  2. Maintaining a log of power consumption can help you better plan your schedules to avoid breaking through the ceiling of a lower rate schedule.
  3. Maintaining a log of your power levels can allow you to determine the source of certain power-related problems. For example, was that spike caused by an equipment malfunction inside your facility or was the equipment malfunction caused by a voltage spike from outside your facility? While rare, we’ve seen cases where a utility customer was actually able to acquire compensation from the utility when they could show how power problems had caused problems in their facility.
  4. When something does go wrong, you’ll have the information needed to approach the problem with confidence.
  5. Allows for remote trouble-shooting and support from True Power Electric.


– Continuous logging of key power parameters for up to 12 months with archiving for longer periods if needed.

    • Volts
    • Amps
    • KVA & KVAH
    • KVAR & KVARH
    • Power Factor
    • KW & KWH
    • Voltage THD
    • Crest Factor
    • Phase Angles
    • Anomalous Events
    • And much more

– Monitor dashboard display available on any computer with Internet access with secure login.


Volts & Amps

Continuous and real-time voltage and current by phase.


Power Graph

Continuous and real-time kVA, kW and kVAr by phase.


–┬áPrinted reports include any or all parameters for a defined period of time.

–┬áReal-time email notifications for anomalous events.

TrueVars Monitors will take the guess work out of managing your power!


Bonus: If you have a TrueVars Monitor installed with your TrueVars Power Conditioning system, we will reduce the price of an extended maintenance contract by 10%.

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